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Reese isn’t like other dogs. He doesn’t have a family that loves him, he never gets to run and play, and he’s terrified of people.

But one day, someone new visits the animal shelter. Deedee doesn’t mind that Reese is scared, and she spends time with him anyway. Maybe, if he’s lucky, Reese’s life is about to change.

Rescuing Reese is the true story of a pit bull finding his forever home.

I first wrote Rescuing Reese back in February, 2020. I knew that Reese's story was special and I wanted to share how we met and the adventures that we were on together. I wrote many stories but I had never done anything with them. In February 2022 I reached out to FriesenPress Publishing and we began bringing my story to life! 
This is hopefully just the beginning of many stories to come about Reese, Riley & Rey. To share our adventures, to educate about reactivity and bully breeds, and the joy that each dog has brought to my life and others. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Thank you to my FriesenPress team:

Fiona, my incredible advisor who guided me through this process

Geraldine, my designer who put my vision for Reese on every page

Claudine, who created the beautiful trailer

and Val Lawton who is responsible for the absolutely stunning illustrations

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