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Ri-Guy was my hilarious, fun, loveable and goofy Golden boy. He now lives with David and I miss him like crazy. He melts hearts wherever he goes and wherever he goes he's going full speed - watch out.

He has a heart of gold but he's not without his quirks. Leash training has been a lengthy but rewarding process, draining his energy is a daily battle and resource guarding is an issue we have made improvement on.
This guy loves pats and boops and won't hesitate to charge for a dropped piece of food (we are working on this). He will sit outside for hours, especially in the snow... he thinks he's a husky. 

Of my three dogs, he's the only one who has ever showed me aggression (scars to prove it). Simply goes to show you that breed doesn't matter. The 'Golden Family Pet' can have issues too. 

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