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Rey (Rey-Ron/Reymond) is my beautiful lady Amstaff/American Bulldog mix born on July 27th, 2019. She came home on October 5th and has brought me both joy and frustration as I deal with training ups and downs. 

She has become a dream to walk on leash, and her recall is also superb! A struggle were encountering as we enter adolescence is her barking/growling and lunging as she sees other dogs on our walks. It's all in play but this can quickly escalate to frustration leading to leash reactivity. 

Her goal every day is to maximize cuddles and make many friends in the elevator of our building. Her favourite thing to eat is sticks (sigh).  Her ears are hilarious and her personality is absolutely wonderful. She's mamas little wiggly butt and oh so stinky.

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